SHOT 2019: Les George and Pro-Tech Pair Up Again

Pro-Tech and Les George have teamed up for the company’s latest at SHOT 2019, called the SBR. This auto collab highlights George’s penchant for hard working knives, but puts it into a smaller format than some of his previous releases.

As a custom maker George has put out his share of big, burly knives, but some of his most recent 2019 production models from Kershaw live in the mid-size range. The SBR takes that step further, and is positioned as a little brother to one of George’s Protech collaborations, the Rockeye – in fact that’s where its name comes from. “This Short Bladed Rockeye (SBR) is basically an Automatic version of my ESV midtech,” George tells us. Its blade shape is an identifiable George classic, that broad drop point with a significant amount of belly and a crown of broad jimping along the spine. This particular blade measures 2.6 inches and is made from one of powder metallurgy’s true all-arounders, CPM-154.

The aluminum handle retains the rugged simplicity on display in the Rockeye too. A single finger groove is found under the pivot, but other than that George kept things as simples as possible. There are two versions of the SBR, one with plain scales and another that has been given a textured, almost ventilated look on the showside; but the backside on both textured and untextured models remains bare. “I’m looking forward to getting one into my personal carry rotation,” George tells us. He says the attention to detail and overall refinement of the design should appeal to customers. “We managed to squeeze some cool details into the design and I think people will like them when they get them in hand.”

This is the fourth collaboration between Pro-Tech and George. “I’m super happy to be working with Protech on our 4th project!” he says. George’s name has been all over SHOT, with multiple collaborations popping up with Kershaw, Pro-Tech and, in years prior, with ZT too. He tells us that Pro-Tech was the very first production knife collaborator he partnered with. “The first company to take a chance on me and I am very grateful to them.”

Knife in Featured image: Pro-Tech SBR

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