SHOT 2019: Medford Unleashes Dynamic Duo

Medford Knife & Tool brought a dynamic duo of releases to the big show this year. Hitting opposite ends of size, use, and price spectrums, the Hunden and USMC Fighter Flipper seem like two more solid (in more ways than one) additions to the Medford lineup.

The Medford catalog shows the company has flexed its manufacturing muscles in all sorts of different knife genres, but one category that keeps getting love is the smaller, more EDC-ready designation. The new Hunden will join the pack of other EDCable Medfords like the RMP, Eris, and Micro Praetorian. Visually it comes across as a smaller Slim Midi – a knife with which it shares blade stock and handle thickness dimensions.

With blade length set at a short-but-suitable 2.25 inches, the Hunden is compact, and when folded up it measures just a little over three inches long. The snub-nosed drop point can be opened with the thumb stud/blade stop, but the main method for getting it ready to use will be the arcing fuller cut into both sides of the blade. Medford says that the new knife can be had in a variety of steels, too, and has set the Hunden’s price tag at $450.

USMC Fighter Flipper
The newest flipper in the Medford lineup is this beast, the USMC Fighter Flipper. Its blade length has been drawn up all the way to 4.25 inches, making it one of the biggest folding knives we saw at SHOT this year. This still puts it about two inches shorter than the fixed blade USMC Fighter that inspired it, but Medford translated that knife’s stylish, sweeping drop point into this (relatively) smaller size class with panache.

The handle emulates the fixed blade’s nearly symmetrical, ringed, barrel-shaped handle, complete with crossguard and end cap. Subdued but evocative anodizing, PVD coating, and a sculpted titanium clip with a ball bearing pressed into it for retention round out the list of premium features. Big in every conceivable way, there’s no surprise that the USMC Fighter Flipper comes with a commensurate price tag of $750.

Both the Hunden and the USMC Fighter Flipper are available for ordering now, but expect a wait – Medford’s current estimates are running between 5 months and a year.

Knife in Featured image: Medford Knife & Tool Hunden