SHOT Day 1: New LionSteel Knife Sports SOLID Frame and MagnaCut Steel

We feel like there’s a chance that we’ll be saying “MagnaCut” a lot during this year’s SHOT Show. We’ll certainly be saying it in this article, because next up today is LionSteel’s next SOLID integral folder, the Skinny, an elegant design with a work-ready MagnaCut blade.

With more and more appearances in Maniago, we feel like it’s now possible to say that MagnaCut has more or less circled the entire globe in terms of manufacturer interest. Its innate, balanced yet high performance characteristics mean that the Skinny’s gentlemanly, 3.3-inch drop point blade will hold an edge for quite a while as it chews through your everyday carry cutting chores.

Opening is done primarily through the spine side flipper; however, like some knives that precede it, the Skinny’s flipper tab can be removed in order to make it a legal carry in places where two-hand opening is the only way to go. Either way, the opening action itself will benefit from the particular smoothness that comes with a ball bearing pivot; and it’s worth noting that even with the two-hand opening enabled, the Skinny is a locking knife, so that may still affect its carryability in certain parts of the world.

Then, of course, there’s the SOLID handle, comprised of a single piece of either titanium or aluminum, and all with inlays of carbon fiber or Micarta respectively. Either version comes with a frame lock, topped as usual by the steel interface piece. The 3.24 oz. Skinny comes with a smallish loop over pocket clip for carry.

LionSteel says we can expect some availability for the Skinny next month.

Knife in Featured Image: LionSteel Skinny

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