Slew of We, Civivi Prototypes in the Works

At the beginning of the month We Knife Co. brought nine new models to Blade Show West. The knives on display included previously announced releases like the Justin Lundquist-designed Angst, as well as never-before-seen models in varying states of preparedness; some have been named, others are still in earlier phases of the prototype process. Here are some of the highlights from the stuff on display.

Ferrum Forge Collaborations

Ferrum Forge and We have worked together before, on both We-branded work and OEM products like the Gent. The new Minax is the latest We-branded Ferrum Forge design and the family lineage is clear, from the broad blade to the streamlined handle shape. The Minax is a titanium frame lock flipper with a slightly recurved blade and CPM-20CV steel.

Additionally, the Civivi line is getting its first Ferrum Forge model, with a smaller, as-yet-unnamed knife inbound. Like the Gent it has a drop point blade, G-10 scales, and a flipper opening mechanism. But this knife’s blade will be made from D2 steel in keeping with other Civivi releases.

Civivi Lockback

One of the most eye-catching additions to Civivi’s catalogue was a prototype for a two hand-opening lockback folder. The handle materials are more refined than on standard utilitarian Civivi builds, with a carbon fiber bolster paired with either black, green, or canvas Micarta scales, all contoured. The nail mark is an elongated fuller-style design, and the knife is clipless for in-pocket carry.

Ostap Hel’s First We Design

Maker Ostap Hel, well-known for his work with Real Steel and Bestech, is now adding a We Knife Co. collaboration to his portfolio. The new knife has a humpbacked handle and a belly-heavy blade, two elements that are pretty stark departures from Hel’s usual angular, futuristic style. While many We models have been switched to CPM 20CV, the Hel collaboration will be made from S35VN.

No hard releases have been settled on for any of these knives, and prices are TBD as well.

Knife in Featured Image: We Knife Co. Minax