Smallest Ever GiantMouse Folder Slated for Release

Is 2022 the busiest GiantMouse year yet? It’s certainly shaping up to be. The company just rolled out their Nazca with its Axis Lock-style mechanism, and now they’re prepping a new model called the Nibbler for release later this summer.

The Nibbler’s modified wharnie blade measures just 2 inches long, which makes it the smallest folding knife in the GiantMouse catalog. It also makes the Nibbler legal in many places, while still leaving it plenty capable for most of the average user’s everyday cutting chores. GiantMouse is rolling out the Nibbler in two tiers of steel, an N690Co steel model and a premium CPM-20CV steel option; the two variations also have different handle materials, but more on that below.

GiantMouse’s dynamic design duo drew up a dead simple handle for the Nibbler. This is a classic jelly bean shape with no hard angles and a tidy, even chamfer all around its circumference. In both configurations the Nibbler has a steel liner lock underneath its off-side scale. The N690 Nibbler model has scales made from aluminum, with plans to offer it in four different anodizations. The CPM-20CV model comes with either canvas Micarta scales, or full titanium ones. A wire-style deep carry pocket clip is in place, as is a backspacer-combination-lanyard anchor point.

GiantMouse moved at a stately pace when it first opened its doors. A couple releases a year was about what you could expect. Fast forward to today, and the Nibbler is already the fourth knife they’ve brought to market this year. Three of these knives break new ground for the company: the Farley was their first slipjoint, the Nazca had the Cross-Lock, and the Nibbler is their smallest folder yet.

GiantMouse says they hope to have the Nibblers available by the end of July or August.

Knife in Featured Image: GiantMouse Nibbler

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