Synergy 2v2 Headlines We Knife Co.’s July Releases

Another batch of We Knife Co. models is lined up and ready for release later this summer. The trio of knives contains two we’ve seen before, but it’s headed up by a revised version of the Jim O’Young Synergy 2 that brings a new blade shape to the line.

A little history lesson: the first Synergy was a trailblazing, high-end production knife originally released in 1999. O’Young made it to practice his skills in SolidWorks, but decided to bring it to market under a label he established specifically for the purpose called SpeedTech. The Synergy became the first SolidWorks-designed knife to enter production; it also came equipped with a button lock, floating bearing pivot, and an integral aluminum handle, all of which were very uncommon in ’99. On top of all that, SpeedTech was savvy enough to sell the Synergy over the then-adolescent world wide web, even going so far as to offer customization options that let buyers tweak elements of the knife to their particular tastes. The We Knife Co. Synergy 2, released in 2019, was an update of this seminal design. The Synergy 2v2 is the latest iteration of that sequel – and the company considers it a big enough iteration to merit that “v2” at the end of the name.

The Synergy 2v2 also comes in a combo titanium/CF configuration

For many, the hallmark change will be the blade. Instead of the undoubtedly stylish but somewhat specialized trailing point or tantos on the original, the v2 comes with a drop point blade. It’s a change that might open up this mid-size 3.5-inch knife to a larger user base. The steel on v2 is CPM-20CV instead of Bohler M390 – ultimately a smaller change, as 20CV and M390 are virtually equivalent.

Accompanying the v2 in July will be the Mini Malice, a collaboration with Ferrum Forge that comes set up with a button lock. Also on the way is the Shudder, which we first saw alongside the Mini Malice back in January. This is a Rafal Brzeski piece and, if you miss the trailing point on the new Synergy, this one’s got you covered.

Knife in Featured Image: We Knife Co. Synergy 2v2