Schrade Brings High Value Fixed Blades to its Delta Line

Schrade caught our attention earlier this year with the debut of their premium Alpha class knife series. Now we’re taking a look at the other end of the pricing spectrum as Schrade preps its new Isolate fixed blade series for the budget-focused Delta line.

The series consists of five models, actually, but three of them – two bone saws and a gut hook – are quite specialized. Really, it’s the more generally useful Drop Point and Caper models that grabbed our attention, with construction and materials that are unusual for their price bracket. The Alpha class folders came with appropriate materials to their price, so seeing S35VN didn’t surprise us. But these Delta models come with blades made from AUS-10A – not a common sight on knives with a sub-$20 street price. They feature full tang construction, too, with lime green TPR scales laid on top and injection-molded sheaths.

Drop Point

The Isolate Drop Point doesn’t try anything clever or unusual design-wise: this is a straight putt of an outdoors fixed blade, with a 4-inch drop point blade that lands right in the sweet spot for a multirole hiking/camping fixie.


Schrade may be impressing with the value component on these knives, but their nomenclature is a little less innovative. The Caper comes spec’d for, well, caping, with a narrower blade than the drop point, and shorter too, running to 3 inches in length. Appropriately enough for the caping role, there is some forward jimping on the blade spine to aid in control.

Knife in Featured Image: Schrade Isolate Drop Point