Extrema Ratio’s Mid-Year Release is a Fixed Blade Karambit

It has been a long while since we checked in with Extrema Ratio, Prato-based Italian tactical knife specialists. Now’s the perfect time to reconnect, as the company has just released its latest fixed blade karambit, the K-Talon.

More than most knife manufacturers of its size, Extrema Ratio has an instantly recognizable house style. All of their knives, whether folder or fixed blade, share in this look, an admixture of geometrical flourishes and bold but clean blade profiles. The K-Talon falls right in line with this style, from tip to tail. There’s the 2.75-inch hawkbill blade, which curves down sharply and has an aesthetic fuller that arches along the flat.

Extrema Ratio kept all elements of the K-Talon thin, including the sheath

A full tang tactical fixed blade, the K-Talon targets a smaller cross-section of use than more generalized knives. Blade steel is one of the European standards, Bohler-Uddeholm’s N690Co, a stainless with well-balanced performance that, while it may not rise to the level of more modern powder metallurgy options, still does admirably in edge retention, stain resistance, and toughness metrics.

The handle scales are made from black anodized aluminum, with the aformentioned three-dimenisonal geometrical sculpting present and accounted for. Like the rest of the knife, things are kept pretty slim, and there’s the expected finger ring on the butt end. The Kydex sheath is svelte too, designed with both belt and neck carry in mind. All in all, the K-Talon weighs 4.58 oz.

Extrema Ratio teased the release of the K-Talon for a few weeks, but the knife made its official debut at Blade Show. It’s available now.

Knife in Featured Image: Extrema Ratio K-Talon