GiantMouse Nazca has New Lock under the Hood

The newest GiantMouse ACE knife recently arrived on the scene. It’s called the Nazca, and it’s outfitted with a new-to-GiantMouse locking mechanism and a look inspired by one of the man(?)made wonders of South America.

The name “Nazca” refers to the Nazca Lines, a series of truly ancient glyphs made in the Nazca desert, located in southern Peru. Their origins are hazy (some even speculate aliens were involved), and what they depict varies, but all the Lines share a distinct style that applies angular lines to organic or animal forms – a parrot, a tree, a spider. GiantMouse designers Jens Anso and Jesper Voxnaes’ latest project similarly blends angles and curves; the 3.15-inch blade is a drop point, with a long, gradual curve out to its tip, but the big harpoon swedge gives it a spiky, uncanny character we don’t usually associate with drop points. Opened with an ambidextrous thumb stud, the Nazca’s blade is made from M390 steel.

There’s a full titanium version of the Nazca available too

Beneath the blade is a correspondingly spicy handle. On the channel side, where the fingers wrap around, there’s a series of cuts and curves to index the entire hand and provide clean access to the thumb stud for opening. Once opened, the Nazca’s blade is held in place by a mechanism that GiantMouse is calling the Cross-bar Lock. This is obviously an Axis Lock-inspired design, with a spring-powered lock bar that moves into place as the knife opens and closes. Since the Axis Lock patent expired we’ve seen many companies roll out similar mechanisms, but this is the first time GiantMouse has taken a crack at it. We all know the advantages by now: ambidextrous, keeps your fingers out of the blade’s way during closing, very high fidget factor.

The ACE lineup originated as a budget-focused sub-series in the GiantMouse catalog, but over the years it has become more diverse in terms of pricing and materials. The Nazca falls on the premium end of the spectrum, and comes in a full titanium model as well as one with green canvas Micarta scales.

Knife in Featured Image: GiantMouse Nazca

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