SOG 2022 Catalog Contains Brand New Blades and Wild Line Expansions

SOG is among the first big production companies to unveil its new for 2022 catalog. A fleet of 10 new models are on the way, including fresh designs and some major expansions to existing favorites.


One of SOG’s 2022 headliners is the One-Zero, a super modern folder spec’d for EDC. In keeping with other recent mainline releases from SOG, the materials are on point: the One-Zero’s 3.1-inch drop point blade is made from S35VN steel, the handle from stippled aluminum scales.

“Options” really feels like the key word for the SOG 2022 catalog, and the One-Zero comes in two configurations: an AU and an XR model. The XR, like other folders with that designation, sports the SOG’s proprietary XR Lock. It opens with a thumb cutout. The AU [see feature image], on the other hand, is a US-made, toggle firing automatic knife, with not cutout in the blade. one doesn’t have the cutout in the blade for obvious reasons. Both versions have a reversible, deep carry pocket clip, and weigh 3.9 oz.


Another all new design, the Altair takes a similar tack to the One-Zero, with a hyper clean blade and handle design. That’s true for both of the Altair models, because this one is releasing simultaneously as a folding XR knife, and a fixed blade (designated the Altair FX).

We envision similar uses for both in a general sense, but the fixed blade has more cutting edge, running to 3.4 inches compared to the XR at 3.2., and its full tang construction makes it the obvious choice between the two for hard or outdoor use. Both knives are designed to be ultralight carries: the folding model weighs just 1.9 oz., while the fixed blade weighs a bit more at 2.6 oz. thanks to its added blade length. The FX’s scales can be removed without tools, and it comes with a GRN sheath.

Aegis FX

Among the other fixed blades en route is the Aegis FX. As the name indicates this is a fixie version of SOG’s renovated Aegis folder, which debuted at the beginning of 2020. It has the same handle shape as its predecessor, but a longer 3.7 inch blade length, moving it from the EDC folder to the do-all fixed blade category. Krupp 4116 stainless steel wards off rust and is easy to maintain, even if it lags behind a little in terms of edge retention. The Aegis FX has a GRN handle with rubberized TPU overlays and a GRN sheath.

Flash MT

The Aegis isn’t the only standby favorite getting a big new expansion. The Flash MT is a pliers-based multitool based on SOG’s popular folder. In terms of “main” tools, it has a 2.4-inch blade made from D2 steel with an assisted opening setup in addition to the pliers (which benefit from SOG’s compound leverage tech). Then there is a small but useful suite of secondary functions including a magentic bit driver, flathead driver, bottle opener, and wire cutters on the bottom of the pliers.

Recondo FX

The biggest of the new fixed blades, the Recondo clearly descends from classic SOG fixies like the Seal, with its 4.6-inch, combination edge clip point blade. This one is made from 440C steel and, like the Aegis FX, its GRN handle has TPU insets for added grip.

New XR LTE Models

The lightweight, high performance LTE lineup, which currently consists of the Terminus and Kiku, doubles in size next year with the Vision XR and Pentagon XR LTE models. Equipped with carbon fiber liners beneath their G-10 scales, the Vision and Pentagon XR LTEs weight 3.5 and 3.2 oz. respectively, compared to 4.4 oz. and 4.9 oz. of their standard variations.

Ultra XR XHP

Finally, a new version of the gent’s folder/money clip knife Ultra XR is on the way. This one comes with full forged carbon fiber handle scales and, as the name suggest, XHP blade steel instead of S35VN.

Knife in Featured Image: SOG One-Zero AU