SOG Puts Automatic Knives up for Sale on Website

SOG is now able to sell automatic knives through its website, the company tells us. According to the company this new service has been a long time coming and the road has not always been an easy one.

Anybody in the U.S. cutlery industry knows that selling automatic knives has always been a tricky process. With each state implementing its own particular statutes on the sale, shipping, and ownership of autos, there are endless legal issues to consider. And, on top of that, most manufacturers don’t produce more than a few automatic models. Oftentimes, the effort required to be able to sell them directly isn’t justified by the limited benefits.

But according to SOG’s Jonathan Wegner, the time was right for them to get their online auto sales going. The company currently has six different automatic knife models in their active catalog – although the total SKU count is an even dozen after taking into account the multiple variations available. These models run the gamut, from larger blades all the way down to the California legal SOG-Tac CA auto. This tight but varied lineup coincided with the growing legality of automatic knives across the country. “The repeal of bans in a number of states and advancements on e-commerce platforms now allow us to legally sell and ship switchblades to a significant portion of the country,” Wegner says.

That being said, of course you will only be able to order autos from SOG if you live in one of the 38 states that currently allow it. And, as is often de rigueur with automatic knife purchases, you’ll need to fill out a compliance form before the transaction is completed.

So far, SOG has had quite an interesting year. They kicked things off in January with the reveal of a major brand refresh that consisted of in-depth renovations of existing favorites. Shortly thereafter company founder Spencer Frazer retired after shepherding the company forward for more than thirty years.

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