SOG Founder Spencer Frazer Retires

SOG‘s Founder Spencer Frazer is stepping down from his current full-time role in the company. Frazer played many different roles within his company as it has grown over the last 33 years.

Famously, Frazer started SOG with an attempt to recreate the MACV-SOG bowie knife. He dubbed this recreation the S1 Bowie, which created an initial market foothold for Frazer. He built on the initial success of this blade, eventually creating knives like the SOG SEAL Pup, which became favored tools for special forces stationed all around the globe.

That was in the early 90s; since then Frazer developed SOG into a flexible, all-purpose company, capable of adapting to the varied needs of different knife users. The SOG multitools, many of which are built with the Compound Leverage mechanism, have been consistently popular. Among users today SOG is probably best known for folders like the Aegis and the Flash, which became community favorites due to their light weight and affordable price points.

In recent years SOG continued to push forward with several key initiatives. In 2017 they emphasized domestic production with a series of US-made knives. In 2018 they partnered with Mikkel Willumsen to create the Mikkel Knife, an experiment that integrated premium materials into a modern, technical design. Speaking of tech, 2018 also marked the debut of the Terminus XR, the first knife to sport the XR Lock, which has gone on to become a key part of SOG’s lineup.

Frazer will still be involved with the company in an advisory role, working alongside CEO Joe McSwiney and the rest of the current management team. His retirement occurs alongside a major brand refresh for SOG, which sees the company coming out with a reorganized product line and major renovations to key designs.