Key CRKT Management Step into New Advisory Roles

CRKT Founder and CEO Rod Bremer and company CFO Peggy Bremer are making the transition into new behind-the-curtain roles within the company. The change involves the formation of a new Advisory Board.

Bremer has been at the helm of CRKT since its inception 25 years ago in 1994. His partner Peggy Bremer has operated as the CFO since 2004. Going forward, the Bremers plan to operate behind the active management team, as two parts of an Advisory Board tasked with calibrating and coordinating company activities on the macro scale. “In their new roles, both Rod and Peggy will continue to work with and review the executive management’s long-term strategic goals encompassing product, innovation, distribution channels, financials, and markets,” the company writes.

The transition has been in the works for some time, but according to Rod Bremer himself, they are running ahead of schedule. “We’re stepping away from the day-to-day operations of CRKT and into higher level advisory positions sooner than we had planned,” he says. “By bringing in the right talent to lead, run, and grow CRKT to the next level, it has become very obvious to us that now is the time to move into the next phase of our business and personal lives.”

(L to R): CRKT President Mark Schreiber, CRKT Founder Rod Bremer

A key part of that talent is Mark Schrieber. Schreiber has been with the company for nine years, starting out as an IT Systems Manager and, for the last four years, playing a key role in company leadership as President. “Mark Schreiber and the team he has assembled are world class,” Rod Bremer notes.

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