SOG VP Signs up with Boker USA as General Manager

Another former SOG employee has joined up with a different knife company following SOG’s acquisition by GSM Outdoors. Chas Fisher, SOG’s Vice President of Sales, signed on with Boker USA as General Manager this week. Fisher’s new role coincides with Boker’s push to build on its growing presence in the United States.

Announced at the tail end of 2021, GSM’s acquisition of SOG closed out the year of knife news with a bang. Questions and speculation came rushing in as to what just the future would look like for the Washington-based SOG and its employees. Prior to the acquisition and his subsequent departure, Fisher spent four years with SOG, presiding over some of the company’s most adventurous, ambitious projects like the 2020 revamp.

Internationally, Boker is a massive, enduring presence, with a positively huge amount of releases each year across multiple lines targeting just about every production knife price point. Its presence in the US, however, is less ubiquitous. In recent years we’ve seen the company work to amend that; Boker USA, the Colorado-based HQ for the company’s North American operations, has been hustling to get the brand’s stateside visibility up – and, according to Boker CEO Carsten Felix-Dalichow, has been very successful in this endeavor. “Boker USA is growing rapidly, and the addition of Chas to the team will help BUSA and the entire Boker group to achieve continued success,” he says in an official press release.

For his own part, Fisher expresses excitement for this new opportunity in the knife industry. “I’m thrilled to be joining the Boker team. The Boker brand is iconic in the knife world. I look forward to building on our already strong foundation in the US and taking it to the next level.”

This news follows on other recent SOG vet relocations. Matt Crawford and Jay Stilwell, who worked alongside Fisher and the rest of the SOG crew, were scooped up by the American Knife & Tool institute earlier this month.