PSA: ESEE Knives Instagram Page is Still Down

Last week we did a short post about We Knife Co.’s current struggles with their Instagram page. ESEE Knives is another company dealing with a mysterious closing of their social media accounts, one that has dragged on for weeks now.

On February 22nd, both the ESEE Instagram and Facebook pages were taken down without warning. As usual, the reason given was a nebulous one, citing a violation of community guidelines. While the Facebook page eventually went back up, the ESEE IG account, which was quite large with 109,000 followers, is still down.

Social media accounts are, obviously, hugely important to knife companies of all sizes – but maybe more important than it seems at first. They provide customers with direct and immediate contact with makers, allow outlets like our own to stay in immediate contact, and they’re also becoming a platform on which new products are actively debuted. The problem facing companies like ESEE and We when they lose these accounts isn’t merely one of engagement, but of communication as well.

ESEE Director of Marketing Shane Adams tells us that, for now, his own IG account is designated as the official ESEE presence to follow on the site. There’s also an ESEE Knives Discord server, which is another great place to go for information and to chat with other enthusiasts.