WE Knife Co. Founds New Fan Photo Page as Instagram Troubles Continue

Last month KnifeNews reported on the shutdown of WE Knife Co.’s Instagram page. At the time, WE moved operations over to the We Knife Fan Photos page, making it their temporary IG HQ. While the company is still attempting to regain its original page, they’ve now also officially started a new We Knife Photos account to replace the function of the original if the situation becomes permanent.

WE Knife Fan Photos is one of the those “second party” Instagram accounts, dedicated to sharing users’ WE knife pictures from around Instagram. “We know that our Fan Photos Page is extremely popular so we are starting a fresh fan page,” WE wrote on Wednesday. The new account is called @weknives_fan_photos, and it will be picking up right where the original left off. “We will continue to share your amazing WE photos as usual,” the company added.

While WE’s move in March was intended as a temporary fix, this latest development does not bode well for their original account. “Despite our best efforts we have been so far unable to retrieve the account,” WE writes. The Instagram security processes are opaque to say the least, and WE is not the only company to be confronted with a sudden and unexplained takedown of their page. ESEE was and is in the same boat; their current, official IG presence is now conducted through company Marketing Director Shane Adams’s personal account; they also made a Discord server for more direct interaction with ESEE staff and fans.