Spartan Produces Version of KA-BAR with MagnaCut Steel

Spartan Blades, always close to KA-BAR, has partnered with the venerable Oleans, NY company to produce a high-end version of their most popular fixed blade, the USMC Fighter. The Spartan KA-BAR takes things to the next level with the appearance, for the first time in either company’s lineup, of CPM MagnaCut steel.

In the pantheon of legendary production knives, the KA-BAR USMC occupies a spot near the very top. Entering production at the start of World War II, the knife was adopted by U.S. Armed Forces and saw duty all over the world; after the war ended, the USMC was so ubiquitous that people refer to it as a “KA-BAR” the same way they call the Folding 110 Hunter a “Buck.” The USMC Fighter has remained in production ever since, and served as the muse for more than one other custom maker and production manufacturer (look to 2021’s Hinderer KaBar as a recent example).

The Spartan KA-BAR keeps all the original proportions of the illustrious original. The blade measures 7 inches on the nose, ran out in that unmistakable clip profile. It may have originated as a fighting knife, but its capabilities go well beyond; all sorts of hard work is within the remit of this venerable tool. Its general work capability sees further enhancement here thanks to the presence of MagnaCut steel, which, despite its comparative youth, has already carved out a place for itself in the super steel hall of fame.

The barrel-shaped, striated handle, just as iconic in its way as the blade, is present here, made from Kraton rather than stacked leather. In terms of sheaths, Spartan is giving users the choice between leather or Kydex; on its own, without a sheath, the Spartan KA-BAR weighs 10.8 oz.

The introductory batch of the Spartan KA-BARs went pretty quick when they dropped, but Spartan has confirmed that the line will be entering standard production in the near future.

Knife in Featured Image: Spartan KA-BAR

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