Benchmade Expands Maintenance Line with Knifesmith Driver

Benchmade has a new product out this week – not a knife this time, but something that will help you maintain your knives. The Knifesmith Multi-Bit Driver is a one-stop shop screwdriver, designed to deal with most of the hardware commonly seen on knives.

For knife enthusiasts, the hobby often goes beyond carrying and using knives. The process of maintaining, repairing, modifying, and otherwise tweaking our folders offers its own joys, which many find almost as intoxicating as collecting; over on knife YouTube, maintenance/disassembly videos form a key sub-genre alongside reviews, collection showcases, and torture testing-type stuff. And so it follows naturally that, just as with the knives themselves, there’s pleasure to be had in shopping for maintenance equipment: drivers, lubricants, sharpeners…..the list goes on.

That’s the still-growing section of the market the Knifesmith entered this week. Benchmade itself is part of that small group of manufacturers who also produce maintenance equipment. This isn’t their first rodeo, and the Knifesmith is kind of an evolution of the Blue Box, a compact kit that comes specifically with Torx bits. The Knifesmith expands on that capability, with not only a trio of Torx bits (T5, T6, and T8), but eight others, including Philips bits and a pair of flathead drivers.

As with knifemaking, ergonomic design plays into maintenance tool design. The Knifesmith’s handle, like those of many Benchmade classics, doesn’t overcomplicate things, with a rounded chassis made of blue and black overmolded synthetics. All of the bits are stored, not in a separate tray, but in the Knifesmith itself; the telescoping handle pulls out from the butt end, and a rack inside holds each bit in its place. The Knifesmith’s handle endcap also rotates freely, giving extra control in use.

The Knifesmith, announced Monday, is currently sold out, but should be back in stock soon.

Featured Image: Benchmade Knifesmith Multi-Bit Driver

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