Latest State & Union Custom Razor Showcases Cu-Mai Blade

State & Union, KA-BAR’s small batch custom shop, just put out its latest piece, the 6412 Straight Razor. The 6412 once again pays homage to KA-BAR’s roots, albeit in a modernized format with some pretty upscale materials.

KA-BAR is one of the oldest knife companies in the United States. Most of us associate the name with the USMC Fighter fixed blade, which became a staple carry for soldiers during World War II, but prior to this straight razors were the company’s bread and butter. Everyday carry as we know it today, let alone knife collecting/use as a hobby, did not exist, but people al lover the company needed shaving implements, and KA-BAR was there to fill that need – in fact, back in those early days, the company was called Union Razor Company.

The profile of the 6412 is a standout feature

Of course, this State & Union piece goes above and beyond those historical examples, both in terms of design and materials. The oversized handle has an almost tactical look, with its pistol grip-like arch; the scales are made from Richlite and held together with anodized titanium hardware. Then there’s the blade, which is made from Cu-Mai. This is a laminated steel that gets its name from the layer of copper that runs across the middle of it like a hamon line. The actual cutting edge is a core of 1084 carbon steel – not a modern steel by any means, but one that is historically faithful and more than up to the job parameters of a shaving razor. More to the point we don’t expect many, if any, owners to use their 6412 as anything other than a showpiece.

KA-BAR and State & Union periodically revisit the straight razor concept. Last year we saw the release of the Mark 98-R, which turned a straight razor into a locking, everyday carry flipper folder. In 2020, State & Union produced their first custom straight razor piece, more historical in look and feel than the 6412.

As a collector’s piece, the State & Union 6412 comes with a wooden presentation case. Like all State & Union projects, it is a limited edition, although the shop did not disclose the exact number of pieces available. At the time of writing, the 6412 is still available.

Knife in Featured Image: State & Union 6412 Straight Razor

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