Jack Wolf Writes Rx for Modern EDC

Next up from Jack Wolf Knives: the Feelgood Jack. This latest model shares a blade steel and general dimensions with other recent Jack Wolf pieces, but stands out as their interpretation of the doctor’s knife pattern.

Long slim handle, slender, nimble blade: these things define the historical doctor’s knife, which seems to have originated in the 19th century. You often see it with two blades, although the second ‘blade’ is actually a spatula-like tool that is used for counting out pills. Speaking of pills, the shape of the handle is another important element of the doctor’s knife, rectangular and bolster’d on both ends; the bladeless butt end is used to crush up pills on the move.

The wharncliffe blade on the Feelgood Jack measures 3 inches

The Jack Wolf take on the doctor’s knife does without the secondary spade tool; instead, it leans all the way into the everyday carry genre, preferred role of all Jack Wolf models. So it comes with a blade that measures 3 inches long, just like its immediate predecessor the Big Bro Jack. Its blade is quite a bit different, though, a stylized wharnie; one of the trendier blade shapes in the market right now, the wharncliffe shines in an EDC role, where it can snip and slice with the best of them.

Edge life, rust resistance, and overall toughness will be high on the Feelgood Jack thanks to the presence of S90V steel. Prior to the Low Drag Jack release in January, the preferred steel over at Jack Wolf was M390; but the Low Drag debuted S90V and Jack Wolf hasn’t looked back since, with every release since made from the stuff. The handle materials are also the Jack Wolf standard, five different flavors of primo carbon fiber including a “bazooka pink” flavor from CamoCarbon – definitely not a hue you see all that much in the traditional knife realm. The Feelgood Jack weighs 2.1 oz., a pretty impressive weight for a three-inch blade.

The Feelgood Jack is out now with official dealers, but going fast.

Knife in Featured Image: Jack Wolf Knives Feelgood Jack

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