CRKT Celebrates New Site with Return of the Hirin

This week, CRKT hinted that some new knives were on the way following the announcement of their new for 2023 website. To coincide with the fresh look they also brought back the Hirin, a high-end, limited edition folder from designer Dew Hara.

The Hirin first hit the scene in July of 2020. It was another entry in the CRKT sub-category of high-end, collectible knives. It certainly impressed in the visual department, with its supermodern interpretation of classic stiletto-style design cues. Hugely skeletonized on both the blade and handle, the 2020 Hirin was comprised of two classic heavy hitters in the premium production genre, titanium and M390 blade steel. Everything came together to make a memorable collectible that earned its place alongside other CRKT show pieces like the XOC and Panache.

More limited than the first run, the 2023 Hirin also makes some changes to materials and design. Most notable is that, instead of M390, CRKT chose to make this Hirin’s blade from Damasteel. The pattern in use is one called Super Dense Twist, defined by the tight little knots – twists, you might say – formed by the layered steels. DS93X, Damasteel’s proprietary mix of RWL-34 and PMC-27, is what forms the patterns actual cutting edge; by all accounts, although it certainly sacrifices some performance for its striking good looks, DS93X should be up to the task if anybody plans on using their 2023 Hirin for actual work.

Then there’s the handle frame, with its daring strutwork-like sculpting. The 2023 takes comes in a bronze anodization, off-set by silver portions. Different types of milling on different parts of frame compliment the the whorls of the Damasteel blade, which is also directly echoed by the pocket clip, made from the same Damasteel pattern and reversible to either side of the Hirin, so that lefty collectors can carry it a bit easier. The Hirin weighs 5.9 oz. and, like the first one, was made by LionSteel in Maniago, Italy.

The 2023 Hirin is available now and limited to just 300 pieces.

Knife in Featured Image: CRKT Hirin

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