Spyderco Announces 12 New Knives

Spyderco accelerates into the summer with their mid year product guide released online within the last hour. The supplemental catalog is a yearly tradition, an opportunity for Spyderco to announce knives that weren’t ready for the main catalog release in December but that they hope to ship before 2017. Ranging from imposing fixed blades to featherweight folders, the Spyderco Mid Year 2016 Product Guide, packed with 12 new knives, will captivate any fan of the brand.

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EuroEdge click here to see image
The latest folder in Spyderco’s line of “Ethnic Knives” pays tribute to the fuller (often called a ‘blood groove’), with three of them milled prominently into both the G-10 handle and S30V blade. Designed by Ed Schempp, the Swiss dagger style blade has a single sharpened edge and a dramatic swedge.

Ouroboros click here to see image
This smaller compression lock knife is Spyderco’s first collaboration with designer Paul Alexander. Its unique handle and choil geometry allows the user to grip the knife behind the cutting edge, almost like a small chef’s knife.

Jumpmaster 2 click here to see image
Originally, the Jumpmaster was designed to free paratroopers from their chutes in an emergency. The Jumpmaster 2 is a more general-purpose cutting tool with a fully-serrated leaf-shaped blade made from rustproof H1 steel, giving it the “greatest edge retention of any knife we’ve ever made,” according to Spyderco.

Reinhold Rhino click here to see image
One of the smallest knives to feature the Compression lock, the Reinhold Rhino has an upswept Persian-style blade made of CTS BD1 steel. Ergonomic G-10 handles with nested liners and a reversible tip-up clip should make the knife lightweight, strong, and easy to carry.

Sustain click here to see image
Stuart Ackerman’s fixed blade design, based on his custom “Slither,” is a dedicated fighter. Lightweight for a fixed blade of its size, it’s made from advanced CPM 20CV steel and comes with a fitted leather sheath.

Junction click here to see image
This 4″ fixed blade from Gayle Bradley is made from PSF-27, an unusual steel manufactured by “spray forming,” a process that gives it exceptionally homogeneous grain structure. Hollow pins in the handle keep the construction simple and serve double duty as lanyard or lashing holes.

SpydieChef click here to see image
Marcin Slysz already has two popular Spyderco collaborations under his belt: the Techno and Slysz Bowie. The SpydieChef maintains the minimalist style and simple titanium framelock construction that characterizes his work, but uses an advanced low carbon nitrogen-hardening steel – similar to Spyderco’s corrosion-proof H1 alloy – called LC200N, and a blade shape designed for food prep.

Advocate click here to see image
Gayle Bradley’s Advocate is his first flipper and his first framelock folder with Spyderco. A unique “orange peel” finish on the titanium should add traction to the handles, and the blade is flat ground from Bradley’s favored CPM M4 blade steel.

Magnitude click here to see image
Spyderco’s second Peter Carey collaboration takes the ingredients of his Rubicon design and scales them up. The Magnitude’s 3.5″ S30V blade deploys with a flipper, and is paired with sculpted carbon fiber scales over titanium liners.

Rubicon 2 click here to see image
This new version of the existing Peter Carey design is less ornate and more simply constructed. It’s also slimmer, with flat carbon fiber scales and a standard Spyderco spoon clip.

Sage 5 click here to see image
The fifth model in the Sage series – which celebrates different locking mechanisms from influential makers across the industry – highlights Spyderco’s own Compression lock. Carbon fiber/G-10 scales and an S30V blade round out this iteration of the classic design. A portion of the proceeds from sales of all Sage Series knives is donated to the Colorado chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association.

Byrd Starling 2 click here to see image
The new Starling – from Spyderco’s economical Byrd line – is a small lockback folder designed to be carried without a pocket clip. Even with G-10 and stainless steel liners, this 1.9″ blade weighs just over an ounce.

Even More Spyderco News
Alongside news from the mid-year release, Sal Glesser and Eric Glesser hinted at a few projects still in development as reported on the Spyderco forum. These “casual bombshells,” as collected in one of the site’s longest-running threads, include an update on the highly anticipated ‘PM3.’ The knife, a scaled-down version of the Paramilitary 2, is currently in prototype and proposed to come in both G-10 and lightweight FRN handle variations. It’s also still officially unnamed: the original proposed name “Minuteman” is no longer a possibility, as the name is already in use by another company.  Other projects in the works include the Police 4, the latest revision to the Police series, and “heavy duty” additions to Spyderco’s rust-proof Salt series made with G10 and nitrogen-hardened LC200N steel.

Knife featured in image: Spyderco EuroEdge