Upstart We Knives Ready to Bring You 20 New Models Per Year

First impressions are important. They were so important to We Knife Co that they spent over a year preparing the release of their first branded folding knife, the 601. “We pay much attention to our designs, our quality, and our customer service,” says Joe Cheung, General Manager at We Knife Co. The 601 had been in the works since 2014, but didn’t see a widespread release until this year.

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Before breaking onto the scene with the 601, We Knives spent more than a decade producing knives to spec for clients and honing its machining skills. At that time it was known as the Weyeahknife company. In 2014 they changed their name to We Knife Co., moved to a bigger factory, and began work on their own production knife brand.

We Knives 601

The Apollo
Even as they were developing their brand, We Knife Co. kept up the OEM work. Most recently they produced the Apollo for Jeremy Irwin’s new brand District Knives. Irwin is a firearms consultant, and he runs the Gundose and Knifedose Instagram pages. He has always had a fascination with knives, and We Knife Co. helped him realize his dream of making a folding knife.

The cleaver-esque reverse tanto blade shape and sculpted titanium handle scales were definite manufacturing challenges. With its six grinding and nine milling CNC machines, 90 employees and a proven history of OEM work, We Knife Co. was uniquely qualified for the job. “I had an idea in mind and presented it to Joe of We Knives and he executed it flawlessly,” says Irwin.

The Apollo has proven to be a popular knife and is the first of many Irwin designs. “This is a new business venture and I plan on taking it to the next level,” he says.

Apollo Made by We Knives

As for We Knife Co. itself, the 601 is just the beginning. Cheung told us that the company has big plans for the coming years: “Our plan is to release at least 20 new model knives every year.” Many of those will be in-house designs but Cheung says We Knives is also looking for some outside inspiration: “We are open to collaborations with custom knife makers.”

Knife featured in image: District Knives Apollo