Spyderco Surprises with One Day Only Sale

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It’s April 15th which, here in the U.S., means it is the dreaded Tax Day, deadline for filing our annual taxes. But this year Spyderco is helping to soften the blow with a one day only Tax Day Sale, layering additional discounts onto a tasteful selection of models.

So it’s obviously a good day to add another Spydie or two to your collection. If you need some guidance on what to look at, here are five selections that caught our eye in particular.

Military 2

It would take a stronger will than ours to resist mentioning the Military 2 as a sale highlight. This is the latest iteration of a venerable, much-loved Spyderco classic. Changes in this revision include the implementation of Spyderco’s own Compression Lock, a four-way reversible clip, and a general tightening up/smoothing out of the formidable folder’s profile Even if you usually prefer smaller knives, the Millie is a big knife that you should try at least once.

SPY27 Para 3

In direct lineage from the Military 2, the Para 3 lives at the other end of the size spectrum and, although it’s much younger, has been embraced by the community with open arms, going on to become a classic in its own right. This particular flavor of the Para 3 entices with the presence of SPY27 steel, an in-house recipe from Spyderco; how can you resist trying out a steel from a company as steel-focused as Spyderco?

Native Chief Lightweight

One cool thing about this Tax Day Sale is that many of the models on offer are quite new. Case in point, the Native Chief Lightweight, which released last year, delivering the lightest version of the Chief format yet. For the tantalizingly-lowered price on offer today, you can get a nimble but capable working knife that will be a companion for years to come.

Stretch 2 XL

One more big knife with a big discount. This larger version of the fan favorite Stretch 2 extends the blade length to 3.92 inches (with 3.64 inches of cutting edge), an increase that gives the Stretch’s elegant take on the drop point room to sing; like the Native Chief, this is a knife that can work and work and work; you may find that it becomes a go-to carry no matter the size of the chore.

Spyderco Sage 1

Another classic here: the Spyderco Sage series has been a showcase for locks, steels, and good knife design for more than a decade. Whether you already have other Sages on your shelves, or are considering jumping in this year, the one on sale here should entice. You get a slick gray-handled look, the classic Michael Walker liner lock, and, most importantly, Maxamet blade steel. That’s an imposing name for a steel, and a good indicator for what it offers enthusiasts: excellent edge retention and imposing toughness, and an EDC knife that can punch well above its weight.

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