Jack Wolf Knives Closes out April with Big Spring Sale

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Jack Wolf Knives isn’t releasing a new model this month, which is unusual for the modern traditional maker, but they’re doing the next best thing with the Jack Wolf Spring Sale, with 20% discounts on all their models except the Gunslinger Jack, their latest drop, through this weekend.

If you’re new ’round these parts, know that Jack Wolf, started in 2021, is a young brand driven by its founder Benjamin Belkin’s love for the enduring traditional knife patterns. Each Jack Wolf release is a lightly modernized homage to, or riff on, these historic pieces. However, there’s nothing historic about the builds themselves, as all Jack Wolf knives features high-octane super steel blades, titanium frames, and cover materials that run the gamut from Micarta to ornate carbon fiber patterns.

KnivesShipFree‘s got the Jack Wolf goods and is the spot to go for Spring Sale shopping. To whet your appetite, here’s a rundown of the models they’re offering:

Midnight Jack

The Midnight Jack is one Jack Wolf release we have not covered here at KN before, but it checks all the boxes its stablemates do. At heart, it’s a wharncliffe barlow, which is like peanut butter and chocolate as for as blade/pattern combos go. The 2.87-inch blade precision-targets daily cutting chores and the S90V blade steel, a favorite formula over at Jack Wolf, will go the distance, offering long stretches of high performance in between sharpening sessions.

Little Bro Jack

The Little Bro Jack, which we did discuss here previously, may be the purest expression of traditional knife EDC philosophy in the entire Jack Wolf line. This is the concept of the jack knife boiled down to its absolute basics, resulting in something immediately intuitive to just about anybody. The deep usability gels very well indeed with the S90V steel and lightweight but durable titanium frame, too. There are a number of different cover options available, including our favorite, the Fat Carbon Nebula flavor pictures above.

Sharpshooter Jack

Last but not least, there’s the Sharpshooter Jack. In terms of heritage this one goes for a deeper cut than its compeers above – this is what you call a “Gunstock” pattern, for obvious reasons, and it just looks rad. The dramatic swedge on the clip blade compliments the angular cuts in the handle, and both handle and blade work just like you’d expect them to. If you’re looking at the Sharpshooter in particular, we might suggest considering the Arctic Storm cover option – it’s another carbon fiber from Fat Carbon, and one that’s not common in the Jack Wolf lineup or the production knife scene at large.

The Jack Wolf Knives Spring Sale continues through Sunday, April 21st, so treat yourself to something cool this weekend and save a little money at the same time.

Knife in Featured Image: Jack Wolf Knives Midnight Jack

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