Steel Will Sedge Folder Arrives in Two Different Sizes

Steel Will is back with another new release, and this time it comes in two sizes. The Sedge takes inspiration from nature and comes ready for work in both a mid-size EDC and a larger configuration.

Sedge is the name of a large group of common grasses that have long, tapering leaves. The designers at Steel Will took inspiration from that slender shape to create a blade that tapers out to an acute and useful point. In keeping with the current Steel Will release trend, the Sedge’s blade is made from D2 semi stainless steel. The knife is available with either a satin finish or coated blade, for those who may worry about possible corrosion on the venerable tool steel.

Steel Will is bringing out the Sedge in two different size configurations. The ‘standard’ model packs in a 3.4-inch cutting edge: large enough to handle most any reasonable EDC chore. However, for those who want a larger option, there is also a Sedge with a 4-inch blade length. In either version the knife opens the same way: via an oval cutout in the blade. The Sedge is a rare Steel Will release that runs on phosphor bronze washers rather than a ball bearing pivot.

The blade length and proportions really are all that changes between the two models: the handle profile is maintained across both iterations. It is noticeable humped, with one defined forward finger groove and a long tapering movement towards the back end. The Sedge has backspacer that stands proud from the contoured G-10 scales (something that hearkens all the way back to the Cutjack models); a lanyard hole is cut into the tail of this backspacer. The Sedge has a simple reversible tip up clip. The standard Sedge weighs 2.96 oz., while the large Sedge weighs 4.2 oz.

Steel Will has been reliably releasing new knives throughout the first half of the year. At the beginning of May they loosed the Scylla, and before that the Avior came out in March. The company says that both variants of the Sedge are available now.

Knife in Featured Image: Steel Will Sedge