Strider Unveils New KRT Folding Knife Model

It isn’t often that we get to see a brand new Strider model, but that’s precisely what released last week, in the form of the KRT. Mick Strider’s latest design brings a fresh, bold blade shape into the Strider family, while still carrying forward the company’s design lineage.

The first thing that catches the eye on the KRT is the blade. It can be best described as a Persian-style tanto, with a pronounced trailing point curving out to an abrupt and sharply defined secondary bevel. By and large, Strider knives have avoided a lot of the big knife trends, so it’s not entirely surprising that the KRT, like its stablemates, is not a flipper; instead, it opens with a thumb oval, just like the SnG family. Strider measures the blade length from the pivot and have it down as 4.5 inches; the blade steel, on this first run at least, is CTS-XHP.

The KRT’s ergonomics are a noticeable riff on the profiles of its famous predecessors. The bottom side of its handle is scalloped into two large finger grooves, and the spine is curved instead of flat, as it would be on a standard SnG. That being said, the KRT does still have that signature angled butt end that is such a hallmark of Strider’s designs. This first batch of KRTs are made from titanium rather than the G-10/titanium setup of many other Striders. And another interesting twist compared to its relatives, the KRT’s clip is actually reversible.

This isn’t the very first time Strider has experimented with a Persian influence. There have been various one-offs and fixed blades throughout the years that have had a Persian blade shape. But this is the first time it is appearing on a folding knife in an ongoing, production format.

Knife in Featured Image: Strider KRT

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