Rick Hinderer Knives Brings Slicey Sheepsfoot Blade to XM-24

Tweaks and upgrades are a running theme this week. Benchmade added the Bugout to the Custom Knife Builder, Buck upgraded their Pursuit line with a super steel variant, and now Rick Hinderer Knives getting in on the action with the XM-24 sheepsfoot. The biggest knife in the XM lineup can now be had with a blade shape that maximize its slicing potential.

The XM-18, as the flagship knife for Hinderer Knives in general, tends to be in the spotlight more than its bigger brother. With a 3.5-inch blade in its standard configuration, it is by no means a small knife itself; however, the XM-24 goes even bigger, with a 4-inch blade length and an overall length over 9 inches.

Knives in that size class are not often called open to be delicate slicing machines, but given that the XM-24 is an EDC choice for more than a few enthusiasts, and with the community response to the sheepsfoot blades available for the rest of the XM family, it made sense for the company to implement it on the big dog too.

The XM-24’s sheepsfoot actually retains the same beefy .185″ stock as other blade shapes do, but the flat grind tapers to a thin edge. It’s actually a modified sheepsfoot with a noticeable belly, which maximizes this knife’s ability to slice accurately and delicately.

Other than the blade shape change, it is business as usual with this model. The current sheepsfoot XM-24s are being offered in the line-standard CPM-20CV blade steel,and the G-10 front scale, titanium frame lock, and Tri-Way pivot system are all present and accounted for.

Iteration, not evolution, has been the name of the game (so far) for Hinderer Knives in 2020. Earlier this year they got the Jurassic outfitted with the Tri-Way pivot, and inducted the XM-Slippy nto the Vintage series.

Knife in Featured Image: Rick Hinderer Knives XM-24 Sheepsfoot

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