Tashi Bharucha Teams Up with Fiore Knives for Logan Balisong

Tashi Bharucha‘s latest custom collaboration is with Vincenzo Fiore, Italian balisong maker. These two craftsmen have combined their talents to create a balisong fusing Bharucha’s clean, bold style with Fiore’s high tech engineering prowess.

Bharucha first came up with the Logan concept in 2017. It started off as a mid-sized friction folder, taking its name from the famous X-Man. Its hawkbill-like blade shape echoed the curvature of Wolverine’s adamantium claws. This balisong design takes that blade shape and evolves it. Bharucha made it thinner but significantly bigger; the Logan balisong’s slender claw blade runs to a whopping 4.95 inches in length. It has a pronounced harpoon swedge and is made from polished RWL-34, which Fiore says is hardened to 61 on the Rockwell scale.

As a passionate amateur when it came to balisongs, Bharucha wanted to partner with another maker on this project. “My first motivation was to work with Vincenzo Fiore,” he tells us. “I’d been following his work on IG and without knowing anything about him or his background and I really liked his approach, design and obsession for precision and detail.” Fiore is renowned in the custom world for his patented pinless balisong construction. He says that this design reduces the number of cumbersome internal components. “[It] eliminates all the pins by creating specific geometries inside the titanium channels of the handles, creating solid stops on the blade.” The end result is a balisong that allows the users fingers to be closer to the central balance point, which increases the flipping feel and potential.

The Logan bali benefits from the pinless construction; and in addition to the custom-level engineering, the designing duo also settled on premium materials. The Logan bali’s entire body – both handles and all the hardware – is made from titanium. Each handle is machined from a single piece of titanium, and has been given a main area of blasted texturing with polished “bolsters” on both the top and bottom ends. The full titanium construction means that the Logan bali isn’t as heavy as one might think; despite its imposing blade length its total weight is 4.44 oz. It is, however, a clipless, latchless design, meant to be stored in the included pouch rather than carried in the pocket.

Bharucha and Fiore recently auctioned off the first Logan balisong, but they have plans to create more in the future. “[The] Logan balisong is a knife that requires a great deal of time to create, which is why we want to organize a period of time during which it will be possible to pre-order,” Fiore says. “Once the list of pre-orders has been defined, we can better optimize production! The price will be around $1500.”

Knife in Featured Image: Tashi Bharucha/Vincenzo Fiore Logan Balisong