Terrain 365 Inducts Invictus Bali into Terravantium Collection

The Invictus Bali-Ti is making its way from Prometheus Design Werx’s Special Projects Division into the Terrain 365 catalog. The change isn’t just a logistical one , as it also entails a swap in blade steel that may entice users interested in this EDC-oriented balisong.

The PDW SPD Bali Ti (try saying that five times fast) came out back in October of last year, just ahead of Halloween. As the name would indicate, it was an attempt to bring the truly Promethean Invictus knife pattern into a balisong chassis, and as such meant that it was geared towards a do-all utility role despite its exotic, typically flipping-focused format. Like most balisongs (Terrain 365’s Mini Butterfly notwithstanding), the PDW Invictus Bali was a fairly large knife, with a 3.75-inch blade done up in the signature, fuller’d Invictus spear point. The titanium handle halves also echoed the scales of most Invictus designs, with their long, milled channels.

The presence of Terravantium helps the Invictus Bali fulfill its all-purpose role

Aesthetically, there’s almost no difference between the PDW Invictus Bali and this Terrain 365 version. Everything, dimension and style-wise, has been carried forward, although the SPD Kraken logo on the blade is replaced by the arrow-shaped Terrain 365 insignia. But the big difference is what that blade is made from: instead of M390, the transition to Terrain 365 side of things means that this Invictus Bali benefits from a Terravantium blade, the rustproof cobalt alloy that features heavily in Terrain’s lineup.

Terravantium’s presence here doesn’t change the Invictus Bali’s general remit as a utility-focused balisong. “Slightly smaller than the typical ‘flipper’, I find this size very pocketable and easier to carry,” Patrick Ma, Terrain 365 Co-Founder, remarks. “The overall design is purpose driven and well suited for EDC for those who would like the novelty and handling of a balisong or butterfly style knife.”

Knife in Featured Image: Terrain 365 Invictus Bali-Ti

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