Todd Begg Signs on as Sales Director USA for Damasteel

Todd Begg is taking on a new role as Sales Director USA for Sweden-based Damasteel. The knife maker anticipates that his unique skill set makes him an ideal fit for the job.

As Sales Director, Begg will be working to develop Damasteel’s reputation and availability in the US. The appointment officially begins in January, but he’s already spending time at Damasteel’s US headquarters in Illinois and laying some groundwork for the future. “I’m going to be developing new marketing ideas and projects. I also want to simplify things for the US market, make it easier to get a hold of the products and become a dealer,” Begg tells us.

Although the position doesn’t involve direct product sales, Begg anticipates some face time with distributors and other clients. His professional background includes experience as a Tech Advisor at bow manufacturer PSE, which was close to a sales job in many ways. But Begg believes his military career will play the biggest role in his success at Damasteel. “Believe it or not, my military background helps solve complex problems and deal with multiple people working on one thing,” he explains. “That’s basically what I’m going to be doing at Damasteel.”

Begg tells us years working with Damasteel’s stainless Damascus and RWL-34 blade steels won’t hurt either. “We can take a whole new direction since I’m a knife maker who has used Damasteel extensively,” he says. “I can answer questions on the spot: actually tell you the best way to do it, how to etch it, how to polish it.”

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Though his new responsibilities and a recent lawsuit against PIMP LLC will undoubtedly keep him busy, Begg put to rest any concern fans may have regarding his custom knife output. “I really don’t make that many custom knives anyway because of the intensity of what I’m doing.” Begg also hinted at other upcoming surprises in the knife making field. “I’ve got other projects in that arena that I’m going to be unveiling soon.”

Knife featured in image: Custom Glimpse with Sheep Horn Inlays

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