TOPS 3 Pointer Ready for the Outdoors and Indoors

TOPS has just released the 3 Pointer fixed blade. As the name implies, the 3 Pointer caters to hunters and outdoorsmen, and it comes in two primary configurations.

The 3 Pointer comes from the mind of TOPS CEO Leo Espinoza. Espinoza makes all sorts of knives for his company, but he might be most readily associated with heavy duty designs like El Chete. The 3 Pointer, then, is a bit of a departure, with a much smaller profile and a blade length of just 3.13 inches. Its drop point profile is obviously designed with hunters in mind; and while its length precludes it from being able to handle every hunting-related task, it does allow it to be a little more flexible overall, even moving into fixed blade EDC territory.

This is a fairly traditional knife for TOPS, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that they didn’t try anything experimental with the steel. The 3 Pointer is made from 1095 carbon steel with a black traction coating to help it shrug off rust. All that being said, Espinoza’s handle design incorporates some bolder lines than you might expect on a tool like this: there’s a very deep finger groove and an arcing taper out to the end of the knife, where the lanyard hole is.

In its marketing material for the 3 Pointer, TOPS says that they wanted to emphasize the options with this one. So not only is the knife available with Micarta scales or as a scaleless, skeletonized version, but its Kydex sheath comes with two different retention options. Beta loops allow for a standard belt or pack carry, while the included necklace chain lets users treat the 3 Pointer like a largeish, but still manageable, neck knife. With the sheath the knife weighs 4.2 oz. if you opt for the scale’d version; the skeletonized model weighs .2 oz. less.

Variety has certainly been a strong point for TOPS in general this year. We’ve seen knives of all sorts and applications from the Idaho Falls-based company. In June they rolled out the 208 Clipper cigar cutter folder, and in April they created the CUMA Kage “bush sword” which drew on G.I. Joe comics for inspiration.

Knife in Featured Image: TOPS 3 Pointer