TOPS Cigar Cutter EDC Finally Appears in the Wild

More than a year after TOPS first teased a prototype of this knife, the 208 Clipper is now a production reality. This friction folder combines a cigar cutting capacity with a burly, TOPS-style EDC folding knife design.

TOPS first showed off the Clipper back in January of 2019. A single image of the knife showcasing its cigar cutting functionality surfaced. Even in this prototype form, TOPS knew they wanted to combine the cigar cutter idea – which is becoming increasingly popular in the knife world – with daily carry knife functionality.

Now that the Clipper is here some other details have become clear. It has a stubby, wide, 2.25-inch tanto blade made from S35VN steel – a well-known powder metallurgy option that is becoming increasingly common in TOPS’s formerly carbon steel-oriented lineup. The blade shape, size, and steel give the Clipper the flexibility it needs to tackle daily cutting chores as well as the more specialized ability of clipping cigars.

Despite also being a full-fledged folding knife, the Clipper more or less follows the standard cigar cutter format. Users will place the end of their cigar in the large circular cutout in the middle of the handle while the knife is open; then, by folding it closed, they will cut the end of their cigar. The cutting feature isn’t the only secondary function the Clipper brings to the table: the extended tang that is used for opening this friction folder also packs in a bottle opener tool.

The Clipper’s handle, like the blade, is wide and beefy. There’s a mild arc to its overall shape, and a big forward finger groove. The handle and blade shape should be familiar to longtime TOPS fans: they emulate the Steel Eagle 107D, the very first knife that TOPS ever released. The proven lines have been translated into a smaller knife here, but afford the same general utility they did all those years ago.

The Clipper’s handle scales are made from G-10 and outfitted with TOPS’s Cryptic Cyber machining pattern. The 4.7 oz. Clipper is, in fact, clipless, but comes with a leather belt sheath for stowage and carry.

Knife in Featured Image: TOPS 208 Clipper