Zero Tolerance 0707 Features New Tuned Detent System

Zero Tolerance has just revealed the ZT 0707, a fresh new in-house folding knife design. The 0707 takes visual inspiration from existing ZT designs, but features a new detent mechanism that should improve performance in key ways.

With the 0707, ZT was clearly fixated on packing as much performance into as lightweight a design as possible. Its drop point blade features a slender, tapering profile that runs out to an extremely acute tip; the profile seems like slimmed down version of what we saw on the recently released 0357, which debuted in March. But even though its slimmer, the 0707’s blade is also longer than the 0357’s, measuring 3.5 inches long. It is made from CPM-20CV, which seems to be the new standard steel choice over at Zero Tolerance HQ.

As with many ZTs, the 0707 opens via a ball bearing flipper. However, it is the first ZT model sporting something the company is calling the Tuned Detent System. The TDS provides a solution to a common quirk of flipper knives. There are multiple ZT models over the years that become difficult or even impossible to open if too much pressure is put on the frame lock bar while attempting to use the flipper tab. The TDS is designed to circumvent this trait, bringing reliable deployment no matter how the knife is being held.

While the more resilient detent is the main selling point, ZT does note that the Tuned Detent System is also, well, tuned to provide a “just right” feel in terms of its flipping action.

The handle is where ZT chose to lean into the lightweight mid-size folder concept. The 0707 has a full length handle with a large, inward curving forward section, and a small ridge towards the back of the handle. The show side scale is made from carbon fiber, and the lock side from textured titanium; these lightweight materials combine with the slim overall design to create a surprisingly low weight for this mid-size folder. The 0707 weighs 2.3 oz., and the easy of carry is further emphasized with a loop over deep carry pocket clip.

The ZT 0707 is set to be available as soon as possible, and should be arriving with dealers shortly.

Knife in Featured Image: Zero Tolerance 0707