TOPS Adds Second Blade Shape to Tac-Raze Line

TOPS is rolling out the Tac-Raze 2, a line expansion makes a few key changes to the original Tac-Raze. A different blade shape and handle material are the headliner alterations, but there are some notable tweaks elsewhere as well.

The first Tac-Raze, designed by TOPS CEO Leo Espinoza, released in 2016, the very first friction folder TOPS ever introduced. It had black G-10 handle scales with an angular pattern cut into them and a wide, robust recurve blade. Also an Espinoza design, the Tac-Raze 2’s most obvious alteration is the blade shape: it trades in the recurve for a squared-off profile that recalls traditional straight razors while being a bit wider and sturdier overall. The new blade shape is about a tenth of an inch shorter than the recure; it measures 3.13 inches long. The blade steel remains TOPS’s standard 1095 carbon.

Although the Tac-Raze 2 looks more like a straight razor than the first one, it’s not meant to be used as a shaving implement. TOPS notes that the relative thickness of the edge and the inability of the blade to fold out past the midline of the handle make the Tac-Raze 2 less than ideal for actual shaving. Instead, it is meant to be an EDC knife for light to medium cutting chores. The friction folder design also allows the Tac-Raze 2 to have a potentially wider legality than locking knives.

Meanwhile the handle hasn’t had any changes made to its overall shape. The same arcing, grooveless pattern is in play here as on the original. But instead of black G-10 TOPS opted for green canvas Micarta, devoid of any sort of millwork or texturing other than the material’s natural one. Overall, the Tac-Raze 2 weighs just a tad more than its predecessor (maybe due to the swap to Micarta), entering the ring at 2.9 oz. compared to 2.7 oz. It does come with the same fitted pouch style leather sheath as the first Tac-Raze.

The new Tac-Raze 2 is not a sequel. Instead it will be a line expansion, offered alongside the original model. It is the first folding knife release from TOPS for 2020. The company has a raft of new models still en route, and even recently teased a smaller sequel to their massive El Chete cleaver.

Knife in Featured Image: TOPS Tac-Raze 2