Two New Gerber Fixed Blades Lined up for Fall

In case you missed it: Gerber has a batch of new fall releases on the way, with both new folders and this pair of small new fixed blades inbound. We’ve already talked about the Slimsada, which was a folder; the Dibs and Stowe, meanwhile, are very similar takes on the concept of an EDC-friendly fixed blade.

Although they have different names, the Dibs and Stowe really seem like the same knife with just a few differences, so we’ll go over the general specs first, as they apply to both. The Dibs/Stowe have drop point blades measuring 2.5 inches long, with a tiny little harpoon swedge on their spines. The blade steel on the aforementioned Slimsada was D2, but for these two knives Gerber chose 440A instead. In an everyday carry role, 440A edge retention can’t compete with the semi stainless, but it does resist corrosion quite well and is certainly easy to maintain. Both the Dibbs and the Stowe also come with the same leather sheath, which can hang on a belt or even be tucked into a pocket.

The Dibs has a full PVD coating

Handle design, too, is the exact same on these two knives. Following the EDC fixed blade tropes, it’s just big enough to accommodate a full four-finger grip, with a very deep finger groove ensuring those fingers don’t go anywhere they shouldn’t. The Dibs and Stowe have different carry weights given the differences between them (see below), but both are light weight, turning in sub-3 oz. numbers.

What’s different between the two? As far as we can tell, just two things. The Stowe has Micarta scales attached to its full tang frame, while Dibs is scaleless, with a series of holes drilled through its handle in case users want to lash paracord through it. The handle scales do add a bit of weight to the Stowe, which weighs in at 2.9 oz. while the skeletal dibs is down at 2.22 oz. The Dibs also comes with a full, front-to-back black PVD coating.

Both knives are part of Gerber’s batch of fall releases, alongside the Slimsada and the Pledge. The Dibs is available now, but the Stowe is still not stocked.

Knife in Featured Image: Gerber Stowe

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