Upgraded 110 Headlines Buck’s 2021 Legacy Collection

Buck went all out for 2021’s Legacy Collection releases. Not only do this years special editions feature the luxurious finishing and premium materials that define a Legacy Collection knife, they’re also benefitting from more availability than in previous years.

110 Folding Hunter

It isn’t surprising to see the 110 make the cut for the Legacy Collection. Not only is it the signature Buck knife, it has also been the subject of a stream of revamps, iterations, and variants these last few years.

All those different 110s vary in their faithfulness to the original’s lines, but the 2021 Legacy 110 sticks pretty close to the source text. The differences are in the materials, but they add up to a different-feeling knife. The Legact Collection 110’s blade steel is S45VN, which marks the super steel’s first appearance on a Buck knife. The handle is made from aluminum instead of brass, and carbon fiber inlays replace the standard wood ones.

These changes bring the weight all the way down to a much more carry friendly 4.8 oz. – a trait further emphasized by the presence of a pocket clip. This 110 also has a Cerakote’d thumb stud and external, screw-together construction so it can be maintained in modern folder fashion.

55 and Impact

The 55, the Buck 110’s (very) little brother, gets the carbon fiber covers as well, and an S30V blade; meanwhile, the 898 Impact automatic knife gets full twill carbon fiber scales, S35VN steel, and some copper hardware.

Legacy Collection Fixed Blades

The fixed blades in the 2021’s Legacy Collection are more tame in their variations. The 124 Frontiersman is gussied up with Crelicam ebony scales; however, its blade steel remains the same 420HC as on the standard model. Another classic, the 401 Kalinga, gets a more extended makeover: the blade steel is upgraded, to S35VN, alongside fancy brown burlarp Micarta scales.

In terms of availability, there’s a big twist to this year’s Legacy Collection. Before 2021, each knife in the collection was limited to a specific number of pieces. This year, there are no piece limits in place; all of these knives will be produced on an ongoing basis for the duration of 2021.

The 2021 Legacy Collection knives are expected to be available in March.

Knife in Featured Image: Buck 2021 Legacy Collection 110 Folding Hunter