Kansept Produces Pinkerton Mujir with Multiple Material Options

Kansept and Dirk Pinkerton are at it again with a new for 2021 release, the Mujir. Pinkerton turned to an unusual historical knife for inspiration here, and Kansept stepped up their material game for the Mujir’s three different variations.

Pinkerton is no stranger to the appeal of the trailing point. Both the Tacit and the Arroyo, two knives he produced with Artisan Cutlery, take advantage of its unmistakable profile and capable performance. Trailing points appear in various cultures, all with their own individuating elements; for the Mujir, Pinkerton emulated elements of the Omani khanjar.

The khanjar dagger can trace its roots far back into Oman’s history. Carried for both ceremonial and utilitarian purposes, its appearance can vary; naturally, however, the defining element is its curved blade. The Mujir riffs on that heritage in a modern folder format, with all the material upgrades and conveniences that entails.

A 3.54-inch blade length ensures that the khanjar’s signature curve remains present and visible while being capable of handling day-to-day cutting, piercing, and slicing chores. In the its “standard” versions, the Mujir comes with S35VN steel; a premium version sports CPM-20CV. In all variations the blade is deployed with a loop-shaped front flipper; no thumb stud or other secondary opening method is present.

It’s worth noting that even those standard Mujir models can be considered premium knives. Kansept is using this release as a platform to play with various luxe handle materials. The 20CV model has a timascus bolster and black titanium handle, while the S35VN version comes in two unusual flavors: one with a carbon fiber bolster and orange peel titanium scales, and another with black timascus bolster and matching black titanium scales. In any configuration, the sculpted titanium pocket clip and ball bearing flipper deployment remains the same.

The Mujir is slated to be available shortly.

Knife in Featured Image: Kansept Mujir