Justin Lundquist Offers Two Different Blades for his New Flipper

Knife maker Justin Lundquist is seeing his first 2021 production knife release come out through We Knife Co. Called the Eidolon, the new blade is the latest manifestation of Lundquist’s fascination with slick, compact, stylish EDC knives.

With the Eidolon, we’re seeing the latest production iteration of the centrally located, “out the front” flipper tab that Lundquist first implemented on the limited release Baby Barlow knife. “I like how the design [of the flipper tab] flows very cleanly with the rest of the design of the knife,” he tells us. “It stays in line with the knife rather than sticking out the back perpendicular to the rest of it.”

Lundquist also points out that the unique placement offers a “best of both worlds” solution in terms deployment: “You can use your thumb or index finger to deploy the blade,” he explains. “It is a similar feeling to other front flippers. I like that when you use your thumb, your hand is in more of a ‘ready to cut position’ more quickly and naturally than with a standard flipper tab.”

Potential Eidolon buyers have a choice between two different blade shapes – both of which have their antecedents in Lundquist’s previous work. A narrowing, leafish drop point brings to mind the Black Void Opus, a previous We Knife collaboration, and also, of course, the Kizer Feist. Option number two is a symmetrical, albeit mono-edged, dagger-style blade; this is the same sort of shape Lundquist played with on the Angst, his first We production, as well as the fixed blade OSS Dagger, a later We release.

In either configuration, EDC is the name of the game. “I think of my knives as suited for easy everyday carry and general use in a variety of everyday environments,” Lundquist notes. Edge length and steel are the same with either configuration: 2.88 inches and high performance CPM-20CV; same too for both are the integral G-10 handle and titanium pocket clip. A full-length liner lock leaf is situated underneath the off-side portion of the handle; the show side has only a partial liner to save a modicum of weight. Lundquist points out too that the only visible hardware is the pivot. Altogether, the Eidolon weighs 2.33 oz.

What else does Lundquist have planned for this year? Quite a lot. “I am playing with more ideas for additional non-knife EDC items,” he reveals. “I will post them as they are either finished or announced, if they make it past the prototyping phase. There are also more collaborations coming out with WE, Urban EDC Supply, Kizer, Kansept and Boker.”

Knife in Featured Image: We Knife Co. Eidolon