Vaeringi Knives Returns with Steel Will Barghest

Steel Will has another new knife out now, the Barghest. This beefy blade is the latest from Vaeringi Knives, and brings a heavy duty attitude into Steel Will’s 2020 lineup.

Like many Steel Will releases, the Barghest comes in smaller and larger sizes – but here, “smaller” means a 3.5-inch blade compared to a 4-inch one. Either way, the blade’s profile is the same: a broad drop point that consciously echoes classic hard use knives of the past. You can open the knife either with its big flipper tab or with the ambidextrous thumb studs.

The blade steel on all Barghest models is D2. Vaeringi’s previous release, the Plague Doctor, was scheduled to come out in an M390 variant, but that never happened, and it seems that Steel Will is currently moving away from super steel releases; so it’s probably safe to expect D2 to be the sole steel choice on the Barghest for the foreseeable future.

One of the distinguishing features of the Plague Doctor design was the pronounced curvature of its handle. Vaeringi took a more traditional approach to ergonomics on the Barghest, drawing up a traditional, bracketed profile with a hand-filling swell in the middle. The scales are textured G-10, and a knurled backspacer provides additional traction. The Barghest, in either form, comes equipped with a stainless steel liner lock and a deep carry pocket clip; the smaller model weighs 5.82 oz. while the larger tips the scales at 7.87 oz.

It has been a little while since we last heard from Steel Will. The Sedge was their previous release, which came out about two months ago. The Barghest is the last of Steel Will’s SHOT Show 2020 knives to release, so only time will tell what they have planned for the rest of the year.

Knife in Featured Image: Steel Will Barghest