Vosteed Tweaks Sheepsfoot Basics for Inbound Talarurus Model

There’s another new Vosteed model inbound: check out the Talarurus. Called “Tala” for short, this one is another entry in Vosteed’s core genre of aesthetically pleasing workhorse folders with interesting mechanical elements.

Vosteed is a company created by a community member, which is to say: a knife enthusiast. So it’s no surprise that Vosteed’s releases, from a design perspective, are “knife fan’s knives,” with an emphasis on cool blade shapes that can entice even seasoned collectors. For the Tala, company co-founder Yue Dong took the basic sheepsfoot concept and gave it a heavily modified flavor. Instead of the textbook straight edge-style sheepsfoot, the Tala’s 3.03-inch ‘foot slopes gently upward, not only altering the edge profile, but also bringing the typically low, and low-powered, sheepsfoot tip into a more prominent place for heightened piercing power.

The Tala’s blade also has a robust harpoon swedge

For the steel, Vosteed went with 14C28N once again. A classic in the sub-$100 knife category, 14C28N is a Swedish stainless with a nice spread of performance statistics. Opening here is done with the intuitive, albeit relatively uncommon, thumb disk. We say say ‘uncommon,’ but that doesn’t mean ‘unconventional,’ as in practice, a disk functions much like a thumb stud, albeit with a different impact on the knife’s visuals.

A thumb disk is an innately ambidextrous opener, which synergizes nicely with the presence of a Crossbar Lock on the Tala. The Axislike is enthusiast-approved, of course, and operable with either hand equally easy. And, to round out this aspect of the Tala, the pocket clip can be swapped to either side – it’s tip-up only, although, these days, we don’t think many (if any) users will be bothered by that fact. The scales on the Tala’s simple, clean handle come in three different colors of Micarta or, for something a little different, white G-10.

The Tala will start shipping next month but is available to preorder now.

Knife in Featured Image: Vosteed Talarurus

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