GiantMouse Does Iona V2 Limited Run Double Dip

Heads up to collectors and would-be Iona V2 owners out there: GiantMouse dropped a pair of limited edition variations of the model on their site this week. Handle material and steel options are the name of the game with these new limited eds.

Quick refresher on the Iona V2 itself, because none of the dimensional specifications are changed here. The Iona V2, as the name implies – or rather, explicitly says – is the second iteration of GiantMouse duo Jens Anso and Jesper Voxnaes’s original design. They took that first version and increased the size somewhat, increasing its cutting cabalities while still keeping it well within the realm of EDC for most users; during the process they also bumped up the steel from tried-and-true, but no longer cutting edge, M390, to CPM MagnaCut, a steel that has gone on to have quite a life in the GiantMouse lineup (and elsewhere, as you may have heard). The scale options on the standard V2 are black linen or green canvas Micarta.

The bronze ano

No Micarta for these two limited runs, though. Instead, you have the option of aluminum scales that have been hit with what GiantMouse calls a ‘bronze anodization;’ the look is a handsome, almost burgundy-esque shade, dark and antique-y, complimented by bright thumb studs on the blade. That blade is made from CPM-MagnaCut, which I don’t think many people will complain about; if you want to switch up the steel, however, turn towards its titanium-handled companion piece.

This one, which of course GiantMouse calls the Tiona, comes with a blade made from S90V. S90V is one of those super steels that, even as it falls further back in terms of steel generations, sticks around because its particular combination of characteristics puts it on even ground with formulae that are strictly newer. And, while titanium often mean frame locks, GiantMouse resisted that temptation here, keeping the Tiona, like all other Iona models, equipped with a liner lock beneath the frame.

These are live now, and limited: 400 pieces for the aluminum/MagnaCut flavor, and 300 for the titanium/S90V option.

Knife in Featured Image: GiantMouse Tiona V2

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