Walleye Flipper Wraps up RoseCraft Modern Folder Trio

The three-part coverage of the latest batch RoseCraft Blades releases concludes today with a discussion of the Walleye. This is the latest knife from RoseCraft team member Savannah Swaggerty, and she’s served up another rock solid EDC design, with a different blade shape, opening mechanism, and lock than its two release buddies, the Bowfin and Eastenn.

We’re KnifeNews, not FishNews, but even as hopeless landlubbers we know enough about the maritime realm to confirm that a walleye is a species of freshwater fish. Maybe this is our imagination working overtime, but there is something lightly piscene about the Walleye’s blade: it’s a sort of modified drop point with a stout, roundish snubnose tip, not unlike the snoot of a fish. That being said, we’ve already spilled more ink than is strictly necessary describing the intricacies of the profile. This is one that should be intuitive for anybody to use: just a solid everyday task accomplisher.

The Walleye is a liner lock, unlike its two release buddies

The Bowfin and Eastenn, the other two releases in RoseCraft’s June folder triptych, differed in many ways, but they did share a front flipper opening option. The Walleye, on the other hand, favors the classic spine side tab when it comes to its flipper deployment. It is also the only knife of the three to feature a thumb cutout in the blade as its other opening method – maybe that’s the “eye” behind the “Walleye” name?

Since her first production knife design in 2020, Swaggerty has favored rock-solid renditions of proven ergonomic concepts for her knives’ handles. The single forward finger groove and rounded edges of the Walleye’s handle are a natural and proven fit for EDC. The scales themselves are made from contoured G-10 and, if we peek beneath them, we’ll find that the Walleye differs from the Bowfin and Eastenn in another way: it’s the only one of the trio to use a liner lock instead of a button lock. At 3.5 oz. it’s also the lightest blade in the bunch.

The Walleye is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: RoseCraft Walleye

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