Was a Dog Tag Flipper BLADE Show’s ‘INSTAGRAM’ Knife of the Year?

Thanks to thoughtful and generous cellphone-owning attendees of this year’s BLADE Show, knife people like us were able to follow the biggest and baddest knife show from the comfort of our instagram accounts.

The annual pilgrimage to Atlanta in early June attracts hundreds of knife makers and tens of thousands of knife people who plan on unloading some cash on the latest knives made by their favorite bladesmiths and the makers they’ve just discovered.

With KnifeFanatics on Intragram barrelling toward half a million followers, it’s hard to ignore the social media network’s importance as a medium for knife people to share information in the form of pics and videos.

The growth of BLADE Show related instagram posts has been remarkable. For example, #BladeShow2013 was tagged in 212 posts, compared to nearly 5,000 for this year’s version of the #tag.
Instagram Bladeshow

If you couldn’t make it to BLADE Show 2015 but followed along on instagram, you might have noticed that there were a few knives that came through your feed over and over again. Perhaps, none more so than one of Serge Panchenko‘s newest creations – part dog tag knife, part flipper – it’s a Dog Tag flipper.

The knife is still available at KnifeCenter, and will set you back $450, $150 less than the BLADE Show version –maybe because it doesn’t feature Tom Sterling‘s hand engraving. This isn’t Panckenko’s first small flipper knife – he also made the now hard to find Bean Flipper, a knife with a narrow profile and a 2 inch blade.

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