CLEAVER FEVER: Spyderco Roc in Stock But ‘Almost Sold Out’

Fans of Ukrainian-born designer Serge Panchenko have been waiting with anticipation for his latest Spyderco collaboration, the Roc, since a prototype surfaced back in early 2014. Panchenko is known for unconventional creations – and the Roc is getting a lot of attention because it’s the first production folder to feature a cleaver-style blade.

“Panchenko’s works have earned much appreciation among the custom/mid-tech audience and you can see that spill over into the production marketplace.” says¬†Jamie Quinn of GPKnives. “We’re excited to see another collaboration between Spyderco and Serge. The Panchenko DogTag Folder was incredibly sought after and the Spyderco Roc is following in its foot steps”.

According to Quinn, if you want a Spyderco Roc you better move fast. “After fulfilling pre-orders, we’ve had only a limited quantity of the Roc remaining on the website and we’re almost sold out.”


Spyderco wasn’t the first to put a cleaver-style blade on a folder. Before the release of the Roc, several custom makers offered folding versions of the venerable chopper, including Trouble Blades.

Destiny & The Song Dynasty

Western meat cleavers traditionally have a hole in the blade used by butchers for hanging the knife from a meat hook – so it seems like destiny that the first production folding cleaver comes from Spyderco and features their ‘Spyderhole’ opener.

Spyderco makes the Roc in Japan, but the origins of the cleaver trace back 1000 years to the Chinese Song Dynasty. To fend off any possible revolt, the conquering Mongol empire only allowed one knife among ten families which standardized the blades in kitchens across the country.

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