What Happened to the World’s Deadliest Knife?

Once billed as the ‘World’s Deadliest Knife’, the WASP Injection Knife exploded onto the knife scene in early 2008. The knife received a great deal of attention in the media and on YouTube because of its unique and deadly action. After the blade penetrates a target, at the press of a button the WASP unleashes compressed air into the target that is capable of creating a cavity the size of a basketball.

The secret is a replaceable handle that contains a CO2 cartridge. The knife is built with a hollow channel that runs from the handle to a small outlet hole in the blade. When the user presses the button near the blade’s guard, the CO2 cartridge contained in the handle is tapped releasing the gas at a high rate of velocity through the blade and into the target.

According to Sean Florian, owner of Florian Tools, the manufacturer of the WASP Injection Knife – the story of the knife starts with inventor Greg Rondinone: “[He] came to us with the product to see if it was something that could be made, and we redesigned it. The knife was impractical to manufacture as it was – so we perfected it.”

At the time the WASP was launched, some in the knife community saw the knife as a high functioning novelty and believed it would become just a fad. Initially, the unusual knife did not gain any traction. “It kinda didn’t go anywhere so we bought the company from [Greg Rondinone] and we basically developed what you see now,” said Florian.


The knife’s functionality has caught the eye of divers because the WASP offers several underwater benefits not available in a regular knife: First, the velocity and volume of gas released causes near immediate incapacitation and death – you don’t have to face an ongoing battle with a wounded and enraged adversary. Also, the icy blast of CO2 results in localized freezing and reduces wound bleeding – ideal for shark infested waters. Finally, the target – now filled with gas, has enough buoyancy to lift up and away to keep the diver safe from predators.

The knife also started appealing to sportsmen: “Hunters are using it on wild boar for a quick kill,” said Florian. People are also continually discovering the WASP because the explosive power of the knife has a dramatic appeal to TV and film writers. “We’ve been in several TV shows: Law & Order, CSI, and on the Discovery Channel. It’s about to be in a major motion picture as the knife of choice of a lead character,” added Florian.


“The WASP is not a mainstream product – we don’t sell as many WASPs as we do the Buck 110 for example. The WASP is a specialized product and comes at a higher price point,” said Jason Kunkler of KnifeCenter who have been selling the WASP & its accessories since the early days. “Considering it’s a peripheral product, we are pleased with the sales – it’s a steady seller and we regularly have to re-order.”

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