WE Knife Co. Preps for Three New Models

WE Knife Co. is back at it with three more forthcoming releases. The new batch includes an integral version of an old favorite, the new WE Knife interpretation of value, and the sixth folder in the CIVIVI budget brand.

Work Sharp

WE turned to an older release, the 604, for inspiration on their latest integral. According to WE’s European Representative Henk Hakvoort the 604 has been a smash hit for the company. “The 604, our most-sold model, is a long knife with just over 3.8″ blades,” he tells us. “We often got questions from customers asking if we could consider a smaller 604. Well, with the Drakon, we think we got the answer.”

We Knife Co. Drakon

We Knife Co. Drakon

The Drakon takes the, well, draconic styling of the 604, complete with dragon scales and slender, snaky build, but reconfigures it as a compact integral and makes some significant changes elsewhere. “The milling on the frame does remind of the 604 without a doubt. But we also wanted a different blade shape. We didn’t want a smaller copy of the 604,” Hakvoort notes. “And then of course the blade steel for the Drakon is M390.” The step up in blade is complimented by the premium finishing, milling, and detail work. “The Drakon is kind of a showcase to emphasize what we are capable of,” Hakvoort says.

Not that long ago, WE toyed with budget offering under its own label, producing a handful of sub-$100 knives. Now, with the advent of CIVIVI, it seems that they’re taking a different approach to delivering value in their main line. Instead of simply keeping prices as low as possible, they’re focusing on delivering high-end WE performance at a mid-price bracket. “For the WE budget concept we have a price range in mind of approximately 35 – 50% of our regular WE lineup,” explains Hakvoort. “So for this concept we aim at a budget of between $110 – $165.” In combination with the CIVIVI products, WE hopes to offer something for everyone and provide an easy way to seamlessly transition into knife collecting as a hobby. “Our goal with this concept is to offer our valued customers a range from between $50 and $300, with a kind of seamless transition from one lineup into the next. So with these lineups we hope we can kind of break down the walls between those groups.”

We Knife Co. Streak

We Knife Co. Streak

Specifically, with the mid-size Streak they want to give users access to an M390 steel blade without quite paying normal M390 prices. Outside of the steel choice, WE kept it quite simple with the EDC-ready Streak. Its blade measures 3.45 inches and benefits from both a flipper and a liner lock, sandwiched between smoothly-machined G-10 scales available in a typically WE-like variety of colors. A sculpted titanium clip should help maintain that premium WE feel, along with the blade steel.

Hot off the award-winning Baklash, the CIVIVI line is expanding with its latest model, the Shard.

Visually the new release goes for a totally different style. Available in four different brightly-colored G-10 handles, the Shard has an ovoid carbon fiber onlay and a handle made quite angular by steep finger grooves cut into it. On top of the visual departure the Shard is the first CIVIVI release to use D2 steel. This is the third steel CIVIVI has implemented after 9Cr18MoV and VG-10. The hardworking perennial is paired to sub-3-inch blade that is perfectly tuned to EDC tasks. “We think it is especially suitable for those who like smaller knives, yet ones that are still capable,” Hakvoort explains. He tells us that the smaller blade provided an opportunity to make the Shard quite a slicer without compromising its strength. “This gives the advantage that you can make it thinner without becoming weaker. And this results in better slicing capabilities & less weight to carry.”

Knife featured in image: CIVIVI Shard