WESN Queues Up New, Larger Folder

WESN is preparing its second folder for release. Dubbed the Allman, the new knife will come in two configurations and is designed to target as many users as possible.

Last year WESN came onto the scene with their self-titled debut knife, a dimunitive, keychain-friendly flipper that managed to incorporate a titanium build into an affordable package. The commitment to good materials is carried through on the Allman. “We went with some of the world’s best,” says WESN Founder Billy Chester. “An S35VN blade, and the handle will come in two options: a titanium frame lock or G-10 liner lock to offer a wider variety of uses.”

Work Sharp

In terms of size, Chester scaled things up on the Allman. Compared to its sub-2-inch predecessor, its blade length is more suited to a dedicated, all-purpose EDC blade, measuring 2.8 inches long. Chester retained the unique, snub nose drop point blade that he first drew up for the original WESN. However, he’s quick to point out that the Allman is not simply a bigger version of his first success. “It is 100% a redesign,” he asserts. “We utilized the same blade style, to give some similarities between the designs. But everything down to the screws is improved.”

The result of this rethink is a knife that moves from charming backup knife to complete, capable EDC blade. “It’s not a coincidence that the knife is named Allman, it is made for all men and anyone in between,” Chester explains. The original WESN had plenty of charm for knife nerds and fans of fidget-friendly gadgets, but he envisions an even wider audience for knife number two. “We hope to tap the existing WESN users, but even more we hope to expand well beyond that. This is the perfect utility knife or gentleman’s carry. We did our best to hit all bases.”

The two remaining questions (yet to be answered) concerning the Allman are “When will it release,” and “How much will it cost?” These details are being worked on currently and an update is expected in a timely manner. As for price: “We are working on our price point, but we can tell you there will be two models, the titanium and G10,” Chester says. “There will be a difference in price between the two.”

Knife featured in image: WESN Allman