We’s Knife Errant, the Quixotic, is on its Way

The We Knife Co. in-house design crew has sallied forth with their latest high-end flipper, the Quixotic. The Quixotic doesn’t stray too far from the usual We Knife Co. specs, but stands apart with an accumulation of little details and flourishes that give it a futuristic style.

When you see a 3.45-inch blade length on a specs list, as we do here, you can almost guarantee that the knife in question can be flexibly carried as an EDC, a hard user, even a fairly capable outdoors folder. The Quixotic’s nice drop point shape backs up this assumption. However, despite being named after the Knight of the Sorrowful Countenance, we don’t recommend using this one in any sort of tactical scenario against windmills and/or giants. CPM-20CV blade ensures high levels of performance in any application, and opening is done solely through the flipper tab – a squarish, spine-riding, subtle-looking one.

Moving down the knife, we see a handle that is also straightforward and versatile. Made entirely from titanium, there’s a sizable cutout for the forefinger underneath the guard, and a second, shallower curve behind that for the rest of the fingers. There’s a lanyard loop incorporated into the backspacer, a frame lock with steel insert, and a sculpted titanium pocket clip – all details that we almost expect with these premium We pieces. Even the weight falls right in line, tipping the scales at an adequate and unsurprsing 3.8 oz.

The details help the Quixotic stand out from the pack

In many ways the Quixotic comes across as a companion piece to another recent We release, the Beacon. Both knives have similar specs and a shared streamlined quality. But the Quixotic finds its real personality through the detail work. There’s a large chamfer that circles all the way around its slim handle, and small, aesthetic fullers are cut into the scales up near the spine. The drop point blade has a squarish notch on its spine, behind the swedge, which may work as an indexing point for detail cutting but also just completes the knife’s particular, technical look.

The Quixotic is set to arrive with dealers soon.

Knife in Featured Image: We Knife Co. Quixotic