Premium Elementum Stars in First Batch of 2022 We Releases

Let the madness begin: We Knife Co. has showed off its first round of planned 2022 releases. Two new folders have been teased, both in-house designs: one that’s completely new, and another that’s a famous Civivi knife crossing over into the main We line.

We Elementum

The Civivi Elementum, in all its many permutations, might be the knife we wrote the most about this year. It’s the hottest property in the budget knife market, and throughout 2021 Civivi played to that popularity with many different variations, expansions, and limited runs. And while some of these variations were made from fancy materials, the Elementum has never been dressed up to compare with its cousins under the mainline We label – until now.

Take a second to imagine what a We-branded Elementum would look like; you’ve probably come up with something very similar to what the company settled on. Instead of the steel frame with letterboxed scales, the We Elementum comes with full titanium scales front and back – and yes, that means that it’s a frame lock as well. Of course, the upscale handle is mated to a correspondingly trendy blade; you have your choice of CPM-20CV, or Hakkapella pattern Damasteel if you favor looks over absolute performance. And, for the first time in the Elementum’s history, its pocket clip will be reversible, meaning that carry will be that little bit easier for the southpaws out there.


A brand new knife design will accompany the We Elementum onto store shelves in January. The Beacon is a mid-sized folder that reminds us of the recently-released Saakshi. It shares a blade shape and general elegant air with that knife, although the Beacon’s blade is a bit larger: it measures 3.48 inches long compared to 3.3 on the Saakshi.

Also in contrast with the Saakshi is the handle, which is a skosh more angular overall than the rounded profile on that knife; here you’ve got a full forward finger groove beneath the guard. And, because the Beacon has full titanium scales (available, like the We Elementum, in several anodized colors), that means it is also a frame lock.

Both of these knives are slated to hit in January 2022. No prices have been given at this time.

Knife in Featured Image: We Knife Co. Elementum